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What kind of hockey player are you?

Hockey PlayerHockey is a very tough sport; therefore, you need gear you can trust to keep you safe. Hockey is an old and very popular game played in many countries all over the world .It a game in which two teams play with stick and ball and try to put the ball in goal post of each other to win the game. Game of hockey is played in many forms although Hockey played in field that is field hockey and hockey played on ice that is ice hockey, remain the most popular kinds .Field hockey is played on a large scale by many countries on international and domestic level though ice hockey is also quite popular especially in cold areas. It is one of the top most professional sports played. Field hockey can be played on grass but now they are played on artificial turfs in stadiums, while ice hockey is played on ice with player using skates and with ice hockey sticks.

When we talk of hockey, mentioning about the equipment's used by players and on ground or turfs is very important, which can be described one by one .Hockey stick is one of the main equipment's used, it's used to hit the ball and put it into the goal. So it should be quite strong and also easy and comfortable to handle by hockey player while playing the game. Hockey sticks can be made up of wood but nowadays the use of fibers of glass and also carbon fibers are being used at large scale to make a light and strong hockey stick as heavy hockey stick can lead to tiring of hockey players early and loss of stamina while playing the game. The Hockey Sticks used in ice hockey are completely different to those used in field hockey. There are many companies which make professional hockey sticks for field hockey and ice hockey, but most popular and reliable are Easton Sticks, Reebok Sticks, Bauer Sticks, Warriors Sticks .These are the leading brads which make strong and reliable hockey sticks for field hockey and ice hockey.

Both field hockey and ice hockey are very fast games played with lot of efforts and passion, so safety of players while playing the game is a very important factor here , that makes Helmet a very important safety equipment .Helmet is used by all the players in ice hockey whereas in field hockey by the goalkeepers guarding the goal. It happens in ice hockey that players collide with each other at high pace also they may collide sideways to walls with banners or fall accidently , danger of collision and high speed of ball is there is field hockey also. So a strong and reliable helmet which provides maximum safety from head injuries is very important. The leading brads which make most reliable and safe Hockey Helmets are, Hackva Helmets, Bauer Helmets, Reebok Helmets, and Easton Helmets.

Also hockey gloves are used by ice hockey players for safety from injury and cold, gloves are also part of safety gear of goalie or goalkeeper in ice hockey and field hockey. The leading brands are Hockey Gloves are Brain's hockey gloves, Reebok Hockey gloves, Warrior Hockey Gloves, Pro Stock Hockey Gloves, Eagle Hockey Gloves, Easton Hockey Gloves and Bauer Hockey Gloves. Other Hockey Equipment are skates, shoulder pads, shin pads etc. The balls used in ice hockey are not the conventional round balls, but are in shape of discs known as Pucks or Hockey Pucks.

Egyptians drawings of over 4000 years depict such sports and field games like HOCKEY, indicating that this sport is as old as history. Two teams play against each other with a ball like object called the PUCK is maneuvered with curved sticks, called the HOCKEY STICK into the opponent's goal. Many modern versions of this sport have evolved, with field hockey being played on gravel, natural grass, hard ground or artificial turf; ice hockey is a version played on ice surface, using skates; air-hockey is an indoor version; Ball hockey is a gym version played with tennis ball; and many more adaptations and variations develop according to the place and equipment used in the game. Hockey is popular in all parts of the world, and is played by both male and females of the populace with much fervor and enthusiasm.

Whatever be the style of game, each version developed its own set of rules and specialized equipment for playing the sport. Hockey sticks and puck are one necessity which got modified according to the turf on which the game is played. Usually, it is the international federation for hockey, which acts as an international governing body for the sport that controls, frames and issues guidelines, fixing up the standards for playing the game. There are many manufacturers available in the markets that produce international quality equipment. Items from brands like Reebok, Bauer and Easton are crazed possessions among both amateurs and professionals alike. Even kids who enter the arena of hockey feel proud to wield a Reebok Hockey Stick, or a Warrior stick, or a Bauer Stick in their field play.

Hockey is a physical game, involving hitting of a Puck with a hockey stick. Due to this, the players might get hurt during the play. And it is imperative that protective gear like Helmets, hard hand gloves and knee caps are put to optimum use during the game. Hockey Helmets and Gloves are a regular selling item from brands like Brian's and Warrior, which proudly proclaim resale value. Even after continuous battering during the field play, most equipment like Hackya helmets, Bauer Helmets, Pro Stock hockey gloves, Eagle gloves, Easton gloves, Reebok shoes, etc still have resale value, and are sold through online stores and sporting equipment sellers. Cost effective gear can be found from used-equipment counters, which help the novice player in learning the game with ease.

Specialized equipment suitable to the variant of the game, like skates, rollers and boots also come from branded and unbranded companies. Most of the equipment is made out of molded Plastic and fiber, while wood and glass, synthetic material are for old models. Hockey Sticks, goal nets, helmets, shoes, shafts, knee protection caps, gloves, chest protectors, leg pads, crotch guard and other equipment are made in universal sizes as also for special sizes, including kids and extra sized players. Due to the heavy competition that prevails in the sales of these goods, it is always advised to check the bargain prices online, before venturing in to buying hockey equipment.


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